Attorney Website Design and Internet Marketing

Building a website and having a website that actually brings in new business are two separate things.  There are literally billions of websites that are online today.  By adding another without applying the proper techniques you will inevitably just be lost in the shuffle.  For lack of a better term, websites need to be advertised.  You need to tell Google and other search engines why you deserve a “page 1″ ranking for certain key terms.  As a Search Engine Optimization consultant, I specialize in fine-tuning websites so they are found for the keywords and phrases that are important to you.

How is this done?  A good analogy is that of building a house.  The quality of the house depends on the quality of the materials used to build that house.  By using the proper wood, nails, tile and other materials, you ensure that your house will be high quality.  But the value of your house is also affected by the quality of the neighborhood, access to resources, etc. The same can be said for a website.  Google looks at over 300 different criteria when ranking a website. If you haven’t taken care to optimize for all of the criteria, your website will be lost in the mix.

Law Firm Marketing Consultant for Los Angeles, California & Nationwide

Working with me isn’t like working with a typical marketing consultant. In the first place, I focus exclusively on Internet marketing solutions for lawyers and law firms. When you work with a me, you don’t get a standard sales pitch about a product line. Your success is my only focus, and I will formulate a “proactive” strategy to get your site where you want it, and more importantly to keep it there. . We have been serving the Internet marketing needs of the legal community longer than anybody. I am committed to your success and have the expertise to deliver on what I promise.

When I work on a Law Firm Marketing strategy, I focus on results.  There is a lot of misinformation out there about the Internet. There are techniques that work and some that don’t.  I can help you develop a successful on-line strategy using that will help you grow your practice.

I have been a successful Law Firm Marketing consultant in Los Angeles for many years. Developing Web sites and other on-line marketing strategies is about solving your problems and meeting your strategic goals, not just selling a website. Simply put, I help practices like yours develop the right law firm marketing strategy using industry-leading resources and strategies to help you achieve success.

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I can help you determine what online marketing strategies are right for your firm.

My business is building your business. I’ve spent the past three years exclusively working on Internet marketing strategies for attorneys and law firms. The services I will talk to you about are designed to help legal practices grow and flourish; they deliver the message you want and connect you with the types of clients you need.

It is important to start thinking of how you want to shape your law firm’s success. A strategic Internet marketing plan includes knowing your objectives and the on-line resources that are available to you. Contact me by email or call me at 310.889.8777 to arrange a meeting.