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    Posted on April 5th, 2011

    Written by sslates


    Much attention has been focused recently on the issue of driver fatigue as a factor in 18-wheeler accidents.  However, many accidents are caused because of negligent or inadequate maintenance of 18-wheelers, and this issue barely gets the attention it deserves.

    The average truck is under immense pressure as it travels on miles of highway, hauling tens of thousands of pounds of cargo.  This means that an 18-wheeler may be susceptible to severe wear and tear.  Signs of wear and tear can be seen especially quickly in the tires and wheels, which are the only component of the tractor-trailer in direct contract with the road.  Other components including brake systems and steering system can also wear out over a period of time.  In order to ensure the safety of truckers and others on the roadway, it’s important that the truck be put through a periodic maintenance schedule to ensure that it’s operating safely.

    Many accidents are the result of defective wheels, tires, malfunctioning brakes and safety belts, and problems with the steering wheel mechanism.  That’s the reason why one of the duties of a commercial truck driver is to conduct a complete pre-trip inspection before he begins driving for the day.  This inspection must include a once over of the engine compartment, a cabin check and an engine check as well as a overall external inspection of the truck.  All details of the inspection must be recorded in the log of the truck driver’s vehicle.  If any component needs repairs, then these must be repaired, and this must be mentioned in the vehicle log too.  If repairs are needed, and have not been performed, then the driver is responsible for making sure that these repairs are performed before he sets out.

    If you have been involved in a truck accident that is related to maintenance failures, it is essential to begin filing a truck accident claim as quickly as possible.  That’s because a trucking company will only maintain the driver’s logs for about six months.  Without access to driver logs, it will be more challenging for your Los Angeles truck accident lawyer to prove your claim.

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