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    Posted on December 7th, 2010

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    Mismatches between the heights of bumpers of passenger cars and larger cars and SUVs, mean that the smaller car is at a higher risk for severe damage even during a minor accident. A study conducted by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety indicates that federal failure to regulate bumpers of SUVs, pickup trucks and minivans places the drivers of smaller passenger vehicles at a higher risk of injuries during even low-speed crashes.

    The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety conducted tests on seven pairs of small car-small SUVs from the same automaker, and compared the extent of the damage to the two cars during collisions at a speed of 10 mph. They conducted tests with the SUV striking the back of a passenger car it was paired with, as well as the car striking the back of the SUV that it was paired with. Researchers found car damage ranging from $850 to more than $6,000. According to the researchers, if these accidents had actually occurred in the real world, even at those low speeds, the impact of the crash would have been severe enough to destroy the engine and severely damage the body of the car.

    According to the study, when there is a mismatch between the bumper heights of an SUV and a passenger car in an accident, the kind of energy that is released causes severe disruption to the body of the passenger vehicle. The SUVs in the study did sustain damage too, but the damage was higher for the passenger vehicle.

    The problem exists because of a federal failure to regulate bumper heights for SUVs, pickup trucks and vans. The federal legislation has standards for all bumpers of passenger cars. These rules protect the car within a zone of 16 to 20 inches from the ground. However, there are no such corresponding height standards for SUVs, pickup trucks and other larger vehicles.

    Los Angeles car accident lawyers believe that this is one of the reasons why occupants of passenger vehicles are at a higher risk of injuries during an SUV-small car collision. Small passenger vehicle occupants in such an accident are likely to suffer injuries, and better bumper matches could possibly reduce that risk.

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