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    Posted on October 25th, 2010

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    According to information released at the American Academy of Ophthalmology’s annual meeting, the more serious and severe a dog bite involving a child, the more likely that eye injuries are involved.  Besides, eye injuries in a dog bite mean extensive hospitalization for the child, and possibly even the need for multiple surgeries.

    The doctors who presented the paper said that half the children who were treated for eye injuries from dog bites required surgery and 18% of the children needed to be hospitalized again for additional surgery.  In almost all the children who suffered eye injuries in a dog bite, the eyelids were severely damaged.  However, children were less likely to suffer corneal damage or fractures of the bones surrounding the eye during a bite.  Some of the most common breeds involved in attacks were German shepherds, Labrador retrievers and Rottweilers.  The average age of a child who suffered eye injuries in a dog bite was 3.9 years.

    Moreover, children who suffered eye injuries were more likely to suffer complications in the future, including tear duct obstructions and scarring.  The 18% of children who required additional surgery, needed at least 15 different types of revision procedures to correct these complications.  Overall, eye injuries seem to be an indicator of the severity of the attack.  For instance, children who suffered eye injuries, were also found to have more facial zones that were badly injured and more facial lacerations.  These children required more extensive medical treatment and hospitalization.  They also typically required a longer recovery time.

    Los Angeles dog bite lawyers suggest that whenever children are involved in a serious dog bite that includes facial lacerations and even minutely damages the eye, it’s always prudent to consult with an ophthalmologist right at the very outset.  This can help determine whether there has been eye damage that requires surgery, and could reduce the need for revision surgery later.

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