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    Posted on October 15th, 2010

    Written by Lawyer Marketing


    Reputation management is becoming more and more important these days.  When someone searches for you online, you want to be sure they find information that is accurate.  If you are a business owner and move offices, does the internet know?  You may update your website and your Google Places listing but what about the 10, 20 or 100 other sites that have you listed under your old address.

    It is important to keep a record of all of the websites that your business is listed on.  If you forget to update a popular directory like Yahoo’s directory you could miss out on a lot of future business and never even know it.  Below is an example of attorney David Lederer.  I have linked to several profiles that are reputable and able to be updated by him.  With the thousands of directory sites that are out there now, you may never be able to update them all but do your best to change as many as you can.

    David Lederer’s Profile

    David Lederer’s LinkedIn Profile:  LinkedIn is a very popular and well respected, professional directory.  Having a profile on LinkedIn allows you to control the information that people find about you.  Make sure to keep your profile updated if you changed your job, address, phone number or email address.

    David Lederer’s FindLaw Profile:  FindLaw is an attorney specific directory that allows lawyers to list their business information, experience and other credentials.  The search engines respect websites like FindLaw because they are constantly updated, do quality control on all profiles and specialize in one particular area, lawyers.

    Those are only two examples but you can find hundreds more online.  It is always good to have profiles in industry specific listings and a couple of the major listings like Google, Yahoo and YP.com.

    Remember to protect your information by knowing where it is and how to update it when necessary.

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