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    Posted on August 17th, 2010

    Written by sslates


    The California moral brigade is out in full force to cast stones at 42-year-old Christine Hubbs, the Livermore woman who is facing charges of sexual assault of two teenage boys.  It’s important to Los Angeles criminal defense lawyers to step in, and point out that Hubbs continues to remain innocent until proven guilty, and that additional circumstances surrounding the alleged assault don’t really matter.

    Hubbs faces 67 counts in all of sexual assault, including unlawful sex with a minor and exhibition of lewd material to a minor.  Prosecutors allege that she first made an advance towards one of the alleged victims when he was 14 years old.  After the alleged sexual assault incident in December 2008, she allegedly sent the boy sexually explicit text messages, and asked him to keep in contact with her.  There were two victims in all, and one of them was allegedly taken to a motel for sexual intercourse.  Prosecutors also say that Hubbs fueled the relationship by getting the boys expensive gifts, including video games.  She’s currently being held on $20 million bail.

    It has been very amusing to see parts of the media salivating over unimportant details of the alleged assault.  The media has gone all out to paint Hubbs as a heartless Jezebel, and everything from her daughter’s personal relationships to the way Hubbs dresses has been dragged out into view for public consumption.

    For instance, Hubbs apparently drove a Hummer with a license plate that had the letters “HUMDNGA” printed on it, and the media has taken silly details like this and run with the story.  There has also been much made over the allegation that one of the victims was her daughter’s ex-boyfriend. Local TV stations have been talking to neighbors who sniffed at how Hubbs dressed like a girl half her age, and gave the local children rides in her SUV.

    None of this is even relevant to the case, and the media should be doing a more responsible job of keeping attention focused strongly on the facts, and nothing else.  But that, of course, would be much too boring. In the meantime, this woman’s reputation and personal life are being dragged over the coals.

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