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    Posted on July 8th, 2010

    Written by sslates


    By now, almost everyone knows the pool safety drill – never leave the children unsupervised in the water, install 4-feet high pool fencing and make sure that all doors that lead to the pool are latched. However, if you own a property with a swimming pool, there are other things you can do to make sure that your pool is drown-resistant.

    It’s important for property owners to make sure that there is a special pool safety first aid kit available right at the poolside. This kit must be available and accessible in case of an emergency. Pool safety experts and California premises liability lawyers also suggest waterproof telephones if you need to call for emergency medical help.

    Property owners can also consider pool alarms. There are new and sophisticated models available these days. You can buy different kinds of alarms depending on the kind of pool you have. There are separate alarms for in ground pools and above ground pools. For instance, one alarm device detects waves in the water when an object, like a child, falls in, and will sound an alarm both inside and outside the house. Have alarms on all doors that lead to the pool.

    There are other gadgets you can buy to drown proof your pool. For example, all in ground pools need a pool cover. It’s not merely enough to have a cover that’s meant simply to protect the pool from dirt and debris. It’s important to have a pool cover that meets industry standards. Your pool cover should be able to support the weight of a person walking on it.  It’s also important to make sure that your hot tubs are covered and locked when not in use.

    Inflatable pools are a major drowning risk in children below the age of five. These are very popular because they’re easy to install, and work out cheaper than in-ground pools. However, these pools can hold thousands of gallons of water, and offer very little protection against drowning. Parents must know that all that open, easily accessible water makes the pool a drowning magnet.

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