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    Posted on June 8th, 2010

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    Consistent and chronic headaches are one of the complaints most often reported by people who live with a Traumatic Brain Injury. New research seems to indicate that these painful headaches can be eliminated using special eyeglasses lenses that contain prisms.

    The study was conducted by physicians at the University of Michigan Medical School. The results of the studies seem to indicate that the severity of headaches, dizziness and anxiety reported by patients who suffered a brain injury, can be lessened to some extent by using these lenses. According to the researchers, this is a brand-new approach to the treatment of post-concussive symptoms.

    Researchers have known for long that traumatic brain injury can result in vision problems. Now however, they believe that the vision problems that result from TBI are also responsible for post-concussive symptoms, like headaches and dizziness. Up to 25% of patients suffering from TBI continue to suffer from post concussive symptoms for about a year after suffering the injury.

    The brain injury causes a condition known as vertical heterophoria, or visual image misalignment. In order to cope with this misalignment, the eye muscles are forced back into proper alignment. This leads to strain on the eye muscles, and can result in post concussive symptoms like dizziness, anxiety, neck pain and headaches. When the researchers used eyeglasses with prisms to realign the images, it led to a reduction in the strain on the eye muscles. The eye muscles were now less fatigued and stressed, and therefore, there was a massive reduction in the severity of the person’s postconcussive symptoms. In fact, the researchers found that the symptoms were reduced by as much as 71%.

    Traumatic Brain Injury is one of the most common conditions afflicting veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan. These also occur frequently in auto, truck and motorcycle accidents, falls and assaults. Considering that up to 6 million people in the United States suffer from a Traumatic Brain Injury, and that many of these people suffer from postconcussive symptoms, these findings are very encouraging to Los Angeles brain injury lawyers.

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