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    Posted on May 3rd, 2010

    Written by sslates


    The month of May will see more numbers of Californians, adults and children alike, take to the streets on their bikes. It’s the ideal month to kick off a national campaign for bicycle safety. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration is partnering with League of American Bicyclists to declare the month of May as National Bike Safety Month.

    The League of American Bicyclists is inviting California bicyclists, bike safety advocates and anyone who’s interested in making the state and country safe for bikers, to join in their awareness efforts. The group has brought out a special step-by-step guide to anyone who’s interested in promoting bike safety campaigns in their community. The guide takes users through the entire gamut of steps necessary to conduct and promote a successful campaign. You have all the advice you need, from writing a promotion campaign plan, locating the funds for it, building strategic partnerships with other community groups for massive success, and finding volunteers for the campaign. You also have all the information you need on promoting your bike safety campaign.

    Some California cities, that have traditionally been bicycle friendly, are gearing up for more numbers of bikers in May. The city of San Francisco for example, typically promotes bicycle safety by having, what it calls, Energizer Stations. Bicyclists can drop by the centers for refreshment, and to paste on reflective leg bands.

    There are other suggestions that the League of American Bicyclists has that California bicycle accident lawyers find very promising:

    • Have an all-commuter race in your town, including passenger vehicles, motorists and motorcyclists.
    • Have a Bike to School Day in your town.
    • Establish a bicyclist mentor program in which experienced bicyclists train novice bikers.
    • Encourage establishments to have a single Bike to Work Day every week for their employees.
    • Get high ranking law enforcement officials, the town mayor and other high-ranking authorities involved in your campaign.

    More awareness of bicyclists leads to fewer bicycle accidents, and greater safety for all. Hopefully, these 31 days of May will lead to some change in the attitude towards bicyclists in California.

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