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    Posted on May 19th, 2010

    Written by sslates


    The month of May has been dedicated to motorcycle and bicycle safety across California. The campaign coincides with summer, and the fact that higher numbers of bicyclists and motorcyclists will be on California roads. The California Department Of Motor Vehicles has brought out a new safety video that aims at educating motorists about motorcyclist and bicyclist safety.

    The video is titled Sharing the Road with Motorcycles and Bicycles, and runs for approximately 5 1/2 minutes. It features a series of safety tips and information for motorists. Some of these tips that seem to be lost on many of California’s motorists are:

    • Pay attention to motorcyclists and bicyclists while you’re driving
    • Look for motorcyclists and bicyclists, especially at crowded intersections
    • Check your mirrors before leaving lanes
    • Check your mirrors before merging

      To these tips, Los Angeles personal injury lawyers would add their own advice:

      • Give bicyclists a space of at least 3 feet as you pass them by. Don’t drive too close to a bicycle.
      • Don’t yell at bicyclists.
      • It’s not fun to drive close to a bicyclist and blow your horn. It not only scares the cyclist, but could also cause him to fall off his bicycle with serious consequences.

        The number of bicyclists on California’s streets has always been huge, and these will increase now that summer is here. Bicycle safety has been a thorny issue in California, and there have been certain high-profile incidents recently that involved aggressive driving by motorists.

        California has seen a massive increase in the number of registered motorcycles to up to 800,000 in January 2010. There is no excuse for motorists to ignore motorcyclists’ rights when there are these many motorcycles on the roads. Los Angeles motorcycle accident attorneys have long been concerned about high motorcycle accident rates in the state. In 2009, there was a drop in fatalities, but that could be attributed to the effects of an economic recession.

        With the month of May being dedicated to these serious safety issues, it’s the right time for law enforcement agencies in California to take up these concerns more seriously.

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