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    Posted on April 22nd, 2010

    Written by sslates


    For years, motorcyclists in California have been engaged in lane splitting or lane sharing. California is the only state where this practice is considered legal. With an increase in motorcycle accident fatality rates across California and the rest of the country, there is renewed debate about whether lane spitting is safe, and whether it should be encouraged in other states as a means of reducing motorcycle fatality numbers.

    Lane splitting is the practice in which a motorcyclist rides between lanes of traffic. This practice has been widely used in California for several years now. Not all motorists have been happy with it, however. To be honest, it can be frightening to a motorist to have a motorcyclist dart out from the side. Motorists aren’t expecting a motorcyclist to do this, and hence being the anxiety at such practices. Supporters of the practice believe that it actually helps motorcyclists squeeze through California’s congested traffic, thereby alleviating congestion. It also helps motorcyclists avoid deadly rear-end accidents.

    More support for lane sharing is coming in from other parts of the country. The state of Arizona has declared that it will test drive lane sharing for a period of one year in Maricopa County.

    There’s no doubt that motorcyclists have a higher risk of being rear-ended by a passenger vehicle, or even worse a truck, while riding in congested bumper to bumper traffic. Allowing lane sharing facilitates easier movement through traffic, ensures motorcyclist safety from rear ender accidents, and is especially suited to California’s crowded roads.

    However, the practice is not without its dangers. The risk of an accident increases if a motorist suddenly decides to switch lanes. This is not an uncommon occurrence, especially in California where motorists are less likely to take motorcyclists’ riding concerns into account while driving.

    The Motorcycle Safety Foundation has a noncommittal approach to lane sharing. While it supports lane splitting, it does want more research conducted into whether lane sharing can reduce the risk of fatalities. It is also a practice that California motorcycle accident lawyers know must be attempted only by those who have enough experience and skills riding a motorcycle. An inexperienced motorcyclist can look like he’s trying out stunts in between lanes, and may end up seriously injured in the process.


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