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    Posted on October 19th, 2009

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    Los Angeles DUI Attorney

    If you have been arrested for a DUI in Los Angeles it is best to hire an attorney in Los Angeles that knows the local laws and the court system.  You may have several opportunities to have your charges dropped depending on the circumstances of your arrest.  Some of the more common reasons for dropping the charges are:

    • no probable cause
    • faulty equipment
    • inaccurate police report

    An officer must have probable cause in order to pull you over.  Weaving across the lines, no turn signal or failure to come to a complete stop are all good reasons for pulling someone over.  If you have been pulled over and there is no probable cause you may have your charges dropped.

    In order to be charged with a DUI you must fail a breath, blood or urine test.  If the equipment that you are being tested with is faulty or has not been correctly calibrated, you may have grounds to have your charges dismissed.  A good Los Angeles DUI attorney will leave no stone unturned when reviewing your case.  So if there was a piece of equipment that could possibly provide false readings, they will find it.

    A police officer must make an accurate account of the entire stop.  If they report something as fact that can be disputed in court, it may give the judge grounds for dropping the case against you.  Finding these inaccuracies takes due diligence on the part of your attorney.  Make sure you find someone who will take interest in your case.  Don’t just hire any attorney.  Make sure to find someone who will take your case as seriously as you do.

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