• If you are planning on getting divorced in Los Angeles you probably have lots of questions.  Some questions can be answered by friends, online searches or attorneys.  For a decision as big as this you should really consult a professional.  Obtaining half truths or completely wrong information may cause you to act in ways that are even more detrimental to your situation.  Contacting an attorney in many people’s mind is a big step.  It makes the process seem more real which can be frightening.  But, like most things in life, knowing more usually helps to make you feel better in the end.

    Common questions tend to be:

    Who will keep the house

    How will assets be divided

    What if I have to move away

    How often will I be able to see my kids

    The answers to these questions will be some of the most important in your life.  It’s best to contact someone who has experience and knowledge in this area.  You also want to find someone that you feel comfortable with.  Family law is a combination of business deal and the most personal information in your life.

    Do your research and make sure to get all of your questions answered.  You’ll feel better.

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    1. California divorce lawyer
      Aug 11th

      Good point when mentioning that contacting an attorney seems like a big step in people's mind because it makes the whole process real and frightening.. People need to remember that contacting an attorney is a way to give yourself some peace of mind at a time of high stress and emotion. An attorney can help you rationally handle everything, so that you do not make a snap decision you may regret later.

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