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    Posted on April 6th, 2009

    Written by Lawyer Marketing


    Joseph C. McDaniel has been practicing as a bankruptcy attorney in Phoenix since 1980. He is a certified bankruptcy specialist which gives him all of the tools necessary to help you deal with your particular situation. Joseph offers lots of great information on his website and blog which he updates often.
    Due to the recent economic times many attorneys have turned to the practice of bankruptcy. This is not the case with Mr. McDaniel. Helping people to overcome financial difficulties has been his passion for almost 30 years. He is able to communicate with people on a very down to earth level and gives each individual the time and focus that they deserve.
    Joseph can also help if you are trying to protect your business through Bankruptcy. If you aren’t sure what to do and would like some answers you can trust give him a call at 602-297-3025.
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