• Whether you are going to a doctor, lawyer or to buy a pair of shoes, finding a specialist is becoming more common. If you broke a bone you’ll likely see an orthopaedist and an upcoming race may have you talking to a representative at a local running store. But what about an attorney? Are all attorneys the same? Does an attorney who handles family law know how to defend you in a criminal case or file sexual harassment charges? The answer to that is insignificant. Just like the person who is looking for a doctor or specific type of shoe, you want the best possible resource for your particular issue.

    I work with several attorneys who have carved out very specific niches for themselves due to the particular experience they have gained in one area or another. One attorney I work with has handled several small business issues with coin laundry owners and has dedicated a page to his website to the subject. Another firm with a wealth of knowledge on Avandia Injuries has done the same thing.

    Both of these firms have set themselves apart from other attorneys by knowing more about one subject than the majority of their peers. As a result, you get better representation for your specific issue.

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