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    Posted on November 11th, 2008

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    When someone types your name into Google, do you know what will show up? Can you control what shows up. The answer to the second question is Yes, sort of. If you have a very common name, like John Smith. It may be very hard to control what is found when someone searches for that name or even if they can find you with out another descriptor. For example, John Smith attorney.

    If you are an attorney in Los Angeles and someone refers a case to you, it is very important that information that you control ends up on the 1st page of Google when your name is typed into the search bar. If that referral doesn’t find information on you they may move on to the next name on their list.

    Howard Kornberg is an attorney in Los Angeles. In order to control his reputation online he has several websites and profiles that he controls. This assures him that a potential client, looking for him, finds the information that he wants.

    Below are examples of online profiles that can be used to manage your reputation online:

    Howard Kornberg FindLaw Attorney Profile
    Howard Kornberg Ziki Profile
    Howard Kornberg Hotfrog Profile
    Howard Kornberg Naymz Profile
    Howard Kornberg MerchantCircle Profile
    Howard Kornberg Yellow Pages Profile
    Howard Kornberg Attorney Website
    Howard Kornberg Attorney Website
    Howard Kornberg FindLaw Firm Profile

    Protect yourself and manage your reputation online.

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