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    Posted on November 21st, 2008

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    We’ve all done it…clicked on a Pay Per Click ad with no intention of buying the product on the other end. Maybe you wanted to check out your competition or even worse, intentionally charge them for their top listing in the Sponsored Link section. After all, there’s really nothing wrong with that is there? Or is there?

    Pay Per Click campaigns are bidding wars waged by the firms that want to show up for certain keyword phrases. Those prices are determined by how many people want to pay for the terms and how many clicks those terms are getting. If a Personal Injury Attorney in Los Angeles were to click on the 3 attorneys that show up for sponsored links under “Personal Injury Attorney Los Angeles” they would essentially be driving the cost of that spot up. Imagine if every PI Attorney in Los Angeles did the same thing.

    If you have a great organically strong website, you’re not subject to any risk. But, if you think you may want to purchase one of these spots in the future, you may be driving up the cost of your own advertising.

    Pay Per Click can be a viable means for driving good traffic to your site. When used properly it can legitimately advertise a firm that is willing to pay for the space. But, when abused, the only people who really win are the ones selling the ads. Whether you’re driving up the advertising budget of an iPod reseller or your competition, we all pay for it in the end.

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