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    Posted on July 27th, 2008

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    Attorneys who are thinking of building or updating a website need to consider the technical aspects of a website as much as the aesthetic aspects. Building a website that looks “good” is one thing but building a website that gets found by the potential clients you seek is something completely different.

    Most attorneys I talk with assume you need to pay to get on the first page of Google. While Pay Per Click (PPC) is one way to get your website viewed it isn’t the only or even most successful way. Depending on which article you read, PPC receives about 20-30% of the clicks that an organic listing will receive. Organic listings are websites that Google or other search engines deem to be a good enough resource to list very high on their results page. The best thing about showing up well in the organic section is that you don’t have to pay a dime when someone clicks on your website.

    A large part of searches won’t click on a PPC ad because they know it is exactly that, an ad. Being listed in the organic results is like a referral from a friend rather than a suggestion of a salesperson.

    As a consultant that works only with attorneys I can show you proven, successful ways to have your website show up highly ranked on the search engine results page.

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