• LOS ANGELES – Bailey & Partners won a $7.7 million dollar settlement for his client against Orient Global Aviation. The settlement was the result of an arbitration that took place over electrical damage that was caused by the manufacturer of the private jet. The event grounded the jet for several months and a lien was placed on the aircraft so it could not be used by the owners. In response to this action Patrick Bailey was quoted as saying “It would be like you taking your car into the shop and saying, ‘Please install the upgraded stereo-on-steroids,’” Bailey said. “Two days later, the shop calls you and says, ‘Some bad news:

    The stereo system doesn’t work, and neither does your car. It no longer runs, and we’re going to place a lien on it until you pay for everything. Click.’”

    For more information on this case or other cases that Bailey & Partners have taken to trial, visit their website at http://www.baileypartners.com/.

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